orchestral music

Song for US, In Memoriam:  George Floyd

Play Us A Tune for soprano and orchestra

Visible Music for Bertoia Sound Sculptures     and Orchestra

Concerto for Cello

Manhattan Cityscape

Hiroshima's Children

Monocacy Music

Concert Fanfare - Endless Possibilities

Play Us a Tune available on:

Music from Six Continents Recording

VMM 3009

piano works

Piano Resonances

Moving Image

Sonata for Idil

Sempre Forte (except when not). piano 4 -hands


Moving Image available on:

American Debuts - Max Lifchitz, pianist

N/S Recordings.   N/S R 1002

Variations available on:

Final Bell - Max Lifchitz, piano

N/S Recordings.   N/S R 1044

solo percussion

Improvisation #1 for solo marimba

Improvisation #2 for solo percussion

Improvisation #3 for solo percussion

Improvisation #4B (Music Box).  vibraphone and  marimba

Improvisation #5 for Electronic Percussion Solo

Improvisation #6 for Electronic Percussion and tape

Improvisation #7 for solo marimba (From this Place Outward)

Improvisations #1 - #7 available on:

Douglas Ovens. Seven Improvisations

N/S Recordings.  N/S 1036

chamber music

Largo for violin and piano

Fantasy for guitar and three instruments

Sonata Innamorata for cello and piano

Behaviors of Rain for Mallets Quartet

vocal music

Three Love Songs on texts of Pablo Neruda

        for baritone and piano

Yours and Mine three love songs.   soprano and vibraphone             

       poems Alice Fulton

She Sings.  soprano and marimba or piano                                       

       poems e.e. cummings

Schwarzgeburt (Black Birth)  baritone, two tenors and                       

       chamber ensemble.   poem Richard Exner  

Two American Songs  tenor and chamber ensemble.                        

       poems William Carlos Williams